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Does Your Company Or A Division Need Relocating?

May 2008

Business moves can be fraught with dangers that could severely damage your reputation or worse still put you out of business!

With the interface and communications between HR, ICT & Property being more critical than people imagine.

It’s like how do you communicate the benefits not only for the business, but for the people and how do you keep it at the forefront of their minds but ensure it’s not detrimental to their daily delivery.

There are just so many things to consider and manage, the fit out of the premises you’re moving into, the telecoms, IT infrastructure and systems / processes.

It’s such a perfect opportunity to make the changes to your business you’ve always wanted, but this itself brings additional challenges and risks.

Can you afford to lose valuable people due to the relocation and the changes it brings, what about the baggage you’ve collected, where you are now, are you going to move that as well?

Everything needs to be done on time and of course there is the move itself, whilst still ensuring your go live doesn’t cause disruption that becomes detrimental to your business.

And you’ve still possibly got the premises you’re moving out of, the dilapidations, disposal or sub-lease.

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