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"Significant cost savings have been made since implementing the solution from Logical Minds."

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Excess Stock System

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About The Company

Dispensing 20 million prescriptions per year, the Co-op Pharmacy is a primary pharmaceutical retailer and provider of professional health care services on the High Street today.

Co-op Pharmacy Requirement

With over 350 pharmacy outlets, predicting and maintaining stock levels of all drugs was a disparately managed and protracted, manual process. The shelf life of most medicines is relatively short, which added to the complexity of managing the stock of prescribed drugs.

The current manual system left branches with various out of date drugs, which not only created significant waste, but required specialist destruction incurring further additional costs.

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Logical Minds Solution

The Co-op Pharmacy recognised that allowing their network of branches access to the excess stocks of drugs available at other sites, would reduce product waste, whilst saving the entire organisation time and money.

A bespoke software solution was proposed by Logical Minds to enable each branch to record the levels of excess stock for each product. In creating a centralised system, with remote access, each site is now able to quickly locate any available stock, rather than making a request to head office.

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The Business Benefits

By implementing a bespoke software solution to automatically control excess stock of prescription drugs, the Co-op Pharmacy has realised significant savings in staff time, as well as the costs associated with purchasing medical supplies.

Head office also utilise the excess stock system, by matching data via a web interface, against the information on known sales and usage, they can allocate unwanted stock from one branch to another, where there is a clear demand for it.

The intelligent solution from Logical Minds now allows all our branches rapid access to available stock.
Derek Drury

Final Thoughts

Derek concludes, "The system from Logical Minds has helped us significantly reduce product waste, which not only saves us thousands of pounds per annum but is also key to the environmental policy of the Co-op Pharmacy."

Derek Drury
Head of Co-op Pharmacy IS.
Co-op Pharmacy.

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