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"The translation of content is a time consuming affair - the solution from Logical Minds eases this process considerably."

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About The Company

Showtime Arabia is the leading digital satellite pay-TV network in the Middle East and North Africa. It offers more viewing choice than any other network in the Middle East, with 50 channels of predominantly Western TV entertainment.

Showtime Arabia Requirement

Showtime Arabia communicates to their audiences via websites in both English and Arabic. A major issue for them was the complexity and time it took to translate the content to ensure that both sites were a mirror image of each other and the information was consistent.

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Logical Minds Solution

Logical Minds proposed a bespoke software solution for web content management without the complexities of HTML programming.

A clever translation tool was incorporated into the solution, this enabled text to be displayed in both languages to allow simple and effective translation to be done immediately.

The solution provides the website with a full search facility, as well as a site map - which now updates automatically when pages are added, amended or deleted.

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The Business Benefits

Showtime Arabia has much more control over its websites, with the ability to edit and make changes to content, languages and images.

Users now experience a more professional web presence from Showtime Arabia - for example the system allows a single change to a descriptor, which is then filtered automatically throughout the sites, changing all the relevant areas, ensuring all pages are corrected together - in both English and Arabic.

Logical Minds continue to understand our needs for ongoing development - they seem to quickly grasp what we need and incorporate this into the software.
Jonathan Lerer

Final Thoughts

Jonathan concludes, "Logical Minds worked hard to meet all the deadlines set - we were happy with the costs and continue to work together as the site evolves."

Jonathan Lerer
Web Master, Showtime Arabia

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