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Dispensing Incident Report System

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About The Company

Co-op Pharmacy has over 300 pharmacies on the UK's high street and is the fourth largest pharmacy operator. In accordance with the NHS, it is focussed on developing new patient-centred pharmaceutical services.

Co-op Pharmacy Requirement

Handling over 14 million prescriptions per year, the company was aware that incidents occurred during the dispensing of prescriptions. The team were using a local area network based system to record incidents, which were then sent to head office via email.

The system was a rather manual process and did not allow the branch reporting the incident to clearly monitor progression or update information regarding an incident.

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Logical Minds Solution

The Co-op Pharmacy discussed the idea of having a more centralised solution, to allow users at head office and in each branch to track incidents, as well as action events efficiently.

A solution was developed with the ability for users to search effectively across a full database and which could also accommodate user changes and feedback. Once completed a three month pilot of the system was trialled in Scotland, prior to full successful roll out in the rest of the UK.

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The Business Benefits

The system allows branch users to track incidents quickly and competently. Head office users can access, review and action incidents at all stages - helping speed up the time to deal with and close each event.

Intelligent reports can now be created efficiently using existing data. These can provide an explanation of why incidents happen and can help minimise or even remove future similar incidents.

The system allows us to report on a broader mix of information - to deliver a more intuitive approach to reporting.
Derek Drury

Final Thoughts

Derek concludes, "Logical Minds has been extremely helpful in advising us on the usability of the system and continue to support us."

Derek Drury
Head of Co-op Pharmacy IS.

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