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Imagine If We Did It Efficiently

March 2008

“Look at the profits we are making” “But Imagine if we did it efficiently” or words to that affect!

I knew exactly what he meant, by that time I’d had many years of experience helping deliver critically important projects for them.

Many delivered considerable amounts of profit to their balance sheet within months of completion.

But he was right, some decisions were just wrong and he knew that because project managers like me used to play hell about it!

People say in times of feast, the margin being achieved leaves room to turn a blind eye, or simply to give less priority to difficult business changes, which when left alone continue to eat into the bottom line.

But markets move, times harded and different forms of famine return!

A time when difficult changes, make successful projects critical to your business, in helping you maintain the margins and return’s you and your shareholders have become accustomed to.

But successful projects need good teams and proven project managers with the ability to transform your high level strategic objectives into workable solutions!

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