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Do You Urgently Need To Deliver A Project To Make Your Business A Success?

January 2008

After nearly 20 years experience in many business roles, all of which have involved successfully implementing large and complex projects in many industries including construction, telecoms, technology, public sector, PFI and technical services both in the UK and overseas.

It doesnít matter what environment Iím in, be it with new friends, at a Round Table event or at a meeting for a prospective assignment, people keep asking me the same question as to what ingredients they need to make their projects successful.

Firstly good project managers get everyone to achieve more than they ever thought they could, therefore a well delivered project delivers more as a whole than the business envisaged it would, so everyone wins!

As for good ingredients;

  • Trust
  • Ownership by All
  • Clear Communications
  • Strong Leadership
  • Shared Goals
  • Clearly Defined Objectives
  • Proactive Approach to Issues & Risks
  • Suitable Methodology
  • A Good Team

Get these basics right and OK it wonít guarantee your projects success, but it will definitely increase your chances by a huge amount.

Best of luck with your business projects and if you ever need a helping hand, please feel free to give me a call.

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