Logical Minds commitment to supporting York Racecourse has proven them to be a reliable and professional company to work with.

"Logical Minds commitment to supporting York Racecourse has proven them to be a reliable and professional company to work with."

Logical Minds - Long or short route?
Logical Minds
Long or Short Route?

Project Management and its many facets are such a great business tool capable of helping you get your business where you want it to be, indeed it is very different from day to day business practices as it is used to successfully deliver specific new objectives within a fixed time frame and budget.

After delivering very successful projects, which have made such a big difference to our clients businesses, we know that we can help you if you are considering changing your business or running an important event such as:

  • Relocation - Make Sure You Have Certainty
    If youíre relocating your whole Company, a Division or just a Rotation Project whilst carrying out a refurbishment for a restructure/infrastructure change of some type, then we can help you deliver your desired project outcome with certainty, ensuring delivery of a successful outcome for each key step or phase of completion as and when needed.

  • Business Improvement - The Smallest Change Can Sometimes Make The Biggest Difference
    We realise you are busy working in the business day to day, we also understand you usually know your business better than anyone. Our skill is to draw out the information, helping you stand back and see the wood for the trees, offering innovative ideas from our multiple sector experience and then ensure your agreed objectives are delivered effectively.

  • Change Management - Resistance To Change Is Natural
    Change management means different things to different organisations and people naturally donít like change, thatís why we can help your changes be successful by ensuring: buy in, team work, clear communications and leadership for change management projects.

  • Corporate Event Management - Make Sure Your Event Is Memorable For The Right Reasons
    Corporate events are very important, your business is in the limelight and you can't turn back time and rerun it, thatís how we can help you with true meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every element is created, planned, developed and executed just how you imagined it would be.

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