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About The Company

Success Unlimited is a training and consultancy organisation, based in Yorkshire. Established in 1996, the company specialises in sales and management training, with a focus on the motor industry.

Success Unlimited Requirement

'CONTACT' is one of the company's key sales improvement programmes. The existing manual system monitors and improves sales performance, however a more automated solution was required, allowing quick and effective comparison of data, with the ability to create numerous reports.

Logical Minds was approached to develop a bespoke solution to compliment the existing 'CONTACT' system, but which could be scalable and also allow users to input information remotely.

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Logical Minds Solution

Logical Minds proposed to develop a hosted software application, contactonline©, enabling information to be inputted and analysed from one central system. The bespoke solution was developed to allow secure, remote access, so users could key in their own activity, quickly and easily.

As well as including an alert facility, to ensure activity prompts, various access levels can be set on the system, to allow key information to be viewed and edited by authorised personnel.

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The Business Benefits

Customers now get an accurate and overall picture of sales activity across any number of offices. contactonline© has helped Success Unlimited by allowing them to provide more targeted training, to increase sales conversations and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Offering a scalable, software based solution has given Success Unlimited a competitive advantage. The contactonline© system has been so effective that the company is now looking for Logical Minds to assist them in developing similar solutions to fit alternative industries.

Logical Minds' solution enables our consultants to focus on training, rather than waste time on admin.
Steve Pawley

Final Thoughts

Steve concludes, "The contactonlineŠ system from Logical Minds has enabled us to offer an alternative service to clients, as well as providing us with an additional, ongoing revenue stream."

Steve Pawley
Success Unlimited.

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