Significant cost savings have been made since implementing the solution from Logical Minds

"Significant cost savings have been made since implementing the solution from Logical Minds"

Logical Minds - Improving Business
Logical Minds
Improving Businesss

We’ve taken 20 years real experience, proven knowledge & evolved processes and created a very special one day project management workshop.

The Learning Skills Council really felt this would help give businesses a great foundation in being able to use practical know how, tips and methods in using project management skills to improve parts of their own business.

Not being trainers creating ‘Business Impact’ was no easy task, but many courses later the benefits we’ve seen for our clients has proved it was worth the effort.

As a Director/Senior Manager, investing a single day of your time with up to only eleven other people will deliver real tangible benefits. So if you’re considering or even already carrying out any of the following in your Business/Organisation, this could really help you:

  • Making any form of change in your business
  • Expanding/reducing your business
  • Saving your business time or money
  • Launching new products or services
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Business Relocation
  • Making your business leaner
  • Wanting to make an immediate impact to your bottom line

Deliverable Benefits of the Course are

  • The ability to manage change within fixed timescales and budgets
  • How to divide and manage business improvement into palatable bite sizes
  • Helping you get people to buy in and to own tasks themselves
  • Providing you, as business leaders, the best skills to manage projects
  • Ensuring projects and tasks get achieved based on the requirements set, on time and in budget
  • Understanding different peoples perspectives on the same thing and how to alleviate this common issue/risk
  • Improving the art of delegation
  • Improving communication to achieve tasks
  • Thinking smarter and improving efficiency
  • Learn from others what can go wrong with projects and tasks and how to ensure success
  • Understand when it is necessary to say no, controlling time, budget, scope and quality
  • Learning very simple techniques in helping achieve business objectives much easier
  • Enabling delegates to take core project management skills immediately back to your workplace
  • Designed to give you the skills and techniques that can be used to make a difference to your business

We also provide you with a full complimentary copy of all templates used in the processes for you to use straight away in your own Business/Organisation.

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