Significant cost savings have been made since implementing the solution from Logical Minds

"Significant cost savings have been made since implementing the solution from Logical Minds"

Logical Minds - Increased Profits
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Increased Profits

Prospecting is simply finding clients who really want to buy your services or products and like prospecting sounds itís to find and dig out those ĎGoldí clients you have always imagined you should already have.

And yes it isnít as easy as it sounds, this is why so many businesses just donít do it and therefore usually have a very empty sales pipeline and if they do prospect, well then itís the first thing to go when they get busy, resulting in more of a barren sales pipeline each time they return to it.

Each business is different as are their customers thatís why this one day workshop is to help create and embed key skills, creating good habits and thatís why even though we transfer knowledge to you as part of the workshop we visit your company for two half days after the workshop to help bed in those good habits so necessary to succeed in the long term when it comes to prospecting.

This one day workshop and the two half day follow ups, have been created due to the simple fact we havenít got sufficient time to work for everyone as Interim Managers and therefore have created a workshop which helps you underway answering and implementing the prospecting by delivering the following:

  • What are you & what are you offering?
  • Why should someone buy your services or products?
  • What proof can you offer as leverage?
  • Who should you target?
  • When should you prospect them?
  • How and what works best when you prospect them?
  • What should you do with your prospect next?
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