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December 2007

Expansion in whatever form is exciting and exhilarating, but it comes with its own issues.

Even moving to larger premises or reconfiguring what you already have to use it more efficiently can be fraught with risks.

Such as how do you limit the effect on your day to day business and manage the issues that arise with large amounts of change?

Even when you have moved or reconfigured things, you sometimes still end up in a state of flux. Thereís the unfamiliarity that the changes bring, together with those wonderful items that just donít seem to work the way you ever envisaged they would.

But the biggest issue many people face is that you just donít have that extra or more importantly the correct type of resource, when you need them most. After all how many growing businesses do you know that have extra resources just sloshing around waiting for the next wave of expansion?

Interim Project Management could be your answer, just who you want, when you need them most, working with you, for you, at your premises and only for the duration of your project.

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