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Lythgoe Sees Car Sales Rise by over £2 Million

October 2007

Lythgoe Motor Group, has seen its car sales soar by over £2 million from January to March this year compared to Q1 2006. Over 225 more cars were sold bringing in additional sales revenue of over 9%.

Lythgoe Sees Car Sales Rise by over £2 Million

Operations Director Mark Beach attributes the increase to a new sales enquiry management and CRM system designed and produced by process solutions provider, Logical Minds.

Called Contactonline, Logical Minds produced the solution for Bradford sales and management training consultancy, Success Unlimited, to help them improve the sales performance of their motor trade clients.

Mark says: “The contactonline solution helps us to manage sales activity rather than sales, so we keep the focus on how many test drives and follow-up calls we are doing to ensure that every customer gets the best opportunity to evaluate the cars we have on offer. As every salesman has to enter details of their sales activity into the system, my Sales Managers now know on a daily basis what is happening to each and every sales enquiry.

The solution saves me two or three days a week travelling around our 9 sites, as I can now manage all 40 salesmen and 10 sales managers from my desk”.

Director of Success Unlimited, Mark Indriks, saw the niche in the market for this sort of sales management system after recognising how many sales opportunities were being lost through inadequate interaction with customers.

He says: “Without this sort of centralised solution which monitors the sales activity of every salesperson, it is hard to identify training requirements to improve performance.

Most sales people spend 9 to 10 hrs at the dealership each day. This system clearly shows what they are doing each and every day to sell cars. The results of this focussed approach can then be captured in performance reports and league tables to highlight improved sales performance at branch, regional and national level”.

Whilst Mark had a clear idea of the sort of benefits that the right solution could bring to car dealerships, he needed the expertise of sales process solutions provider, Logical Minds, to design and develop a system that would be readily

Mark says: “Logical Minds understood what we were trying to achieve and developed a straightforward, user-friendly solution that made it easy for sales staff to input sales activities throughout the day. Not only did Logical Minds deliver contactonline on time and on budget, but the system also proved so effective and popular that we saw an immediate and exceptional return on investment. Alongside our training programmes, contactonline now accounts for over 50% of our business”.

Logical Minds’ Managing Director, David Weaver, is delighted with the system’s success:

He says: “It’s great to see that a focus on sales activity and more effective customer service is seeing benefits both for Lythgoe and its customers. Based on an average car sale price of £10,000, by selling 225 extra cars, Lythgoe could expect to see a sales increase of £9 million in 2007” which is quite a benefit from implementing a simple process based solution.

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