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Why Is People Management A Primary Part Of Project Management?

September 2008

Methodologies and processes really do help, but itís people who deliver projectís, irrelevant of what the project is, so a primary focus of project management is to get them involved and manage them effectively to deliver as well as they can.

After all itís very rare you get the people and skill sets you want, so itís about finding out very quickly where to use and not use the resources you have in the best fit manner possible to the roles and tasks you have in the priority they need actioning.

For each project, just like any business, all people are different, but in a project the leeway you can afford and the time tolerances are much finer and the consequential effects more damaging so even though you must get the most out of people, you must also quickly know when to draw the line in the sand and move on.

All projects have a definitive start and end with a timeline joining the two, so only by using all the people management skills in the book and methods of control, will the project not only meet the clientís requirements and quality criteria, but just as importantly be finished when required.

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