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How Can You Make Cutting Your Coat According To Your Cloth Easier?

January 2009

Many times people feel the tasks required to change businesses just seem too daunting, like trying to eat an elephant in a single gulp, with a little help these can easily be broken down into manageable edible chunks and off you go.

Starting to make those cost savings and business improvements you felt unpalatable, too big, too difficult or just over complex, so they just got delayed or reprioritise as less important than day to day business.

Sometimes its as easy as helping staff feel they have the purpose and need to make changes and when this can be shown to work in a controlled palatable manner, they quite often just want to get on and do it!

Maybe businesses that make the decision to be agile, ensuring they are fit and suitably efficient will survive and prosper and as for those that donít, well that just means less competition for those that do.

Which do you intend to be?

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