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"Logical Mind's solution works extremely efficiently and is proving to be an invaluable element of our sales success."

Top Car Dealerships Race for Soaring Sales Solution

March 2007

Some of the UK’s biggest car dealerships have reported sales increases of up to 20%, thanks to a new on-demand sales management solution designed and produced by process solutions provider, Logical Minds.

Top Car Dealerships Race for Soaring Sales Solution

Called contactonline, Logical Minds produced the solution for Bradford sales and management training consultancy, Success Unlimited, to help them improve the sales performance of their motor trade clients.

From Left to Right -Jerry Mackintosh (JCT 600), Brad Wyer (Logical Minds), David Weaver (Logical Minds), Steve Pawley (Success Unlimited), Mark Indriks (Success Unlimited), Emma Womersley (JCT 600).

The solution has proved so effective at highlighting sales staff’s strengths, weaknesses and missed sales opportunities that some dealerships are converting up to 20% more sales enquiries, while others have seen sales growth where there are even fewer enquiries.

The solution helps general managers to monitor sales performance more effectively by requiring all salespeople to input sales activity information remotely into a secure central solution. From these daily updates, managers can ensure that all sales enquiries are being followed up effectively and identify any sales training requirements.  Performance reports and league tables can also be produced at branch, regional and national level.  

JCT 600 Chief Executive, John Tordoff, is quick to sing the solution’s praises:

“JCT 600 has been using contactonline since the beginning and from day one we have seen an immediate, positive impact on sales. At JCT 600 we believe that contactonline is a vital component to the success of our sales departments. In fact, we are so committed to contactonline that we appointed a dedicated senior Manager to manage the programme across the group. contactonline helps us to manage sales enquiries effectively and is by far the best sales activity management solution I have seen”.

By creating contactonline, Logical Minds has also helped Success Unlimited to increase its own sales.

Success Unlimited Director, Mark Indriks says: “contactonline is proving so successful that it is giving us a real competitive advantage over other sales and management training consultancies.  Alongside our training programmes, contactonline now accounts for over 50% of our business”.

Mark feels the solution has been particularly successful because Logical Minds tailored the solution to the needs of both Success Unlimited and its clients.

He says: “Contrary to what many people think, a tailored on-demand solution does not have to cost the earth or take forever to complete.  By choosing a good process solutions company such as Logical Minds, with strong expertise of analysing and improving process delivery, we could be sure that the whole project was managed effectively from start to finish, coming in on time, on budget and to our specification.  The resulting solution has also provided us with a clear return on investment.”

Logical Minds’ Managing Director, David Weaver, is delighted with the success of contactonline.

He says: “For Logical Minds it is very important that a tailored, process-orientated solution fits not only our client but their users, this is again is another example of where it truly has, which is why clients use not only us & our solutions, but our clients and their services again and again.

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