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About The Company

Based in Huddersfield, CIDA, the Creative Industries Development Agency, provides support to individuals and businesses in the creative sector including design media, performing arts, visual arts, music and literature.

CIDA Requirement

After working for 2 years with a previous development company on the CRM Tracking Solution, CIDA found that inaccurate data retention and reporting had led to poor user acceptance, with many staff using separate systems for recording duplicate data. It was also impossible to add new projects, services and mentor details, without having to go back to the development company every time

As a result, CIDA tendered for a new process specialist who could complete the project by creating a reliable, user-friendly end-product to effectively manage client programmes and allow CIDA more autonomy.

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Logical Minds Solution

Faced with the need to stabilise and develop the existing system to an agreed budget and timescale of 4 months, Logical Minds worked with CIDA to identify which objectives were essential, beneficial and desirable.

In particular, the new CRM solution was required to ensure secure data retention, accurate reporting, improved authorised partner access and an appropriate user login system. Redundant data and irritating bugs found in the existing live system were also to be removed and new functionality added to allow staff to enter new client projects.

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The Business Benefits

The resulting CRM Tracking Solution has improved data accuracy and reporting capability to such a degree that CIDA can now effectively manage

all client projects and accurately track KPIs. Staff can also now add new projects and services to the CRM solution, without the need to go back to Logical Minds.

“Logical Minds’ tender showed that they understood what we needed from day one and knew how to deliver”.
Dawn Rogers

Client Experience

Dawn says: “We needed a specialist like Logical Minds who would help us identify, deliver & implement our objectives, which they did!

Dawn Rogers
Executive Assistant, CIDA

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