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June 2007

Imagine going shopping to your local Asda or Sainsbury’s, only to find your usual isles full of nice bright silver ‘shiny’ tins with no labels on.

You want to buy Heinz Beans as that’s what you like with your full English breakfast. You don’t want spaghetti or ravioli as it just isn’t the same.

But the shiny new tins in the supermarket all look and probably sound the same when you shake them.

I’m really sorry to tell you but CRM is worse than a few ‘shiny’ new tins on a supermarket shelf, some do this, some do that, one does it one way and another completely different.

Features, Features, Features and the people buying try their best with a tick the box approach!

Stop! Please let’s make it simple, a CRM system is merely a database with contacts and companies, together with a front end that allows you to use this and other associated data for your sales or delivery processes. Yes, some systems can do clever things using workflow and others integrate well into products such as Outlook.

You Want What You Want………

The most important thing you can do for your business is to agree what you need to achieve, and understand your most important objectives, i.e. Benefits not Features!

What are the things in the business that if sorted, you could only imagine the difference it would make!

Be realistic what do you really need to meet your objectives and goals, compared to ticking boxes with shiny new features that you and your people will probably never use.

We have helped a lot of Clients meet their objectives, sometimes with an off the shelf product properly configured or with custom extensions to their existing system. For other clients a completely tailored solution has been the only economical answer.

Whatever the answer might be, we help you to do what’s right for your business.

Want some proof?

It is an effective CRM strategy used for enquiry management, called ‘Contactonline’ that has seen JCT600 and many other car dealerships convert up to 20% more sales leads and many millions.
JCT600 Chief Executive, John Tordoff, is quick to sing the solution’s praises:

“JCT600 has been using contactonline since the beginning and from day one we have seen an immediate, positive impact on sales. At JCT600 we believe that contactonline is a vital component to the success of our sales departments. In fact, we are so committed to contactonline that we appointed a dedicated senior Manager to manage the programme across the group. Contactonline helps us to manage sales enquiries effectively and is by far the best sales activity management solution I have seen”.

With Hamilton Park Racecourse, it became immediately clear that the use of paper-based and isolated electronic systems was making it difficult to effectively capture client and sales data, meaning valuable data was often overlooked and was costing the business lost opportunities through lack of information.

To address this problem, we developed a Ticketing & CRM system, based on our York Racecourse system which collected valuable client-specific data to more effectively underpin the racecourse’s advanced-booking and corporate ticket sales.

Hamilton Park Racecourse Chief Executive Alastair Warwick says: “By telling us what our clients want and collecting useful sales and marketing data all the time, the system has played a key role in helping us to increase our advanced ticket sales by 30%”.

CIDA, who are the Huddersfield based Creative Industries Development Agency, found that flawed data retention and inadequate reporting capability had led to very poor user acceptance of their existing CRM system.

By identifying CIDA’s priority objectives, we were able to stabilise and develop the existing system to an agreed budget and timescale of 4 months, whilst immediately improving user uptake.

CIDA Executive Assistant, Dawn Rogers says: “We needed a specialist like Logical Minds who would help us identify, deliver & implement our objectives. The improved solution is already saving nearly 10% in time through flexible reporting.”

Hopefully this has painted a picture for you of what is possible if approached properly.

So if you are interested in how we could help you, all we ask is to give us 8 minutes of your time, by phoning us on 0845 874 1199 and ask for Sharon.

Tell us what you need. We'll do the listening & if we think we can help, we'll tell you how.

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