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Maximising Business Value through Your Processes

September 2006

Ever thought of selling your business or having someone else or a team take over the reins?

People need to see the true value in your business! Businesses are always being accused of over valuing themselves especially with regards to their intellectual property.

So how can the team taking over or external investors see the true value when a lot of the valuable detail is still in the heads of the people that created the business in the first place.

You’ve got good people in your business with a strong track record of performance, making the business along with you and other key people a real winner. But a significant risk can be where you and those key people hold most of the working knowledge and that may be a real concern for someone buying or taking over your business.

To remove this as a concern that devalues your business, it is import to document your existing processes and procedures in a way, that you can ensure staff have a clear understanding of how and why processes work.  Better still, you can go on to produce process-specific on-demand solutions that become the brain of your business, managing business knowledge to minimise the impact if you or key people are replaced or even promoted to different businesses.

Whether you are looking at succession planning, AIM listing, or just growing at a rapid rate and wanting more control, process-driven solutions will help you maximise your value.

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